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Steven Orlando 2014I’m Steve Johnson. Originally from the Mid-Atlantic states here in the USA,  I relocated to Southern California back in 2005. I figured I could “do art” in the hot, humid summers or cold & dreary winters of Virginia, or I could soak up endless days of sunshine and near 70 degrees here in San Diego – so I chose the latter.

As a kid growing up I always had an interest and passion for things artistic. For me it has been a calling as strong as I can imagine equating to someone who has a similar “calling for God” – though the two are worlds apart in my mind, I think the path and process of recognizing and dealing with them are alike in that they can be very spiritual.

I attended Virginia Commonwealth University as an art major in the very early 80’s to see where that would take me. Well, as it turned out, not very far in the art world.  I ended up copping out on art as a career as I ultimately ventured into civil engineering and, later, Information Technology. After fifteen years of that painfully monotonous experience I am now back where I should be – working with my hands and exercising my artistic side.

If I could impress upon any person faced with making career and lifestyle choices, it’s that you MUST listen to your inner voice – call it your heart, soul or whatever you’d like, but going against it for monetary or social-pressure reasons can be tragic.

I’ve always liked painting and drawing, but lately I’ve discovered much pleasure from a combination of painting and sculpture, as you can see in some of my latest pieces.

I have most recently been educating myself on the fine art of photography. I’ve set up a proper photography section in my art studio and have now been better able to capture my artwork in pictures.  It’s surprising what good lighting and reading up on your camera can do for your work!

Still, photography cannot substitute or thoroughly represent my artwork’s depth and color, but at least now I can capture some decent images to share.

I’m also aware of my strengths and weaknesses in art and I’m always working to improve. As art is a lifetime venture for me, it can only get better!

Thanks for checking out my site and feel free to leave ANY comments or suggestions OR you can submit comments directly to me using the form below:


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    • Awww, thanks for the praise! I’m just getting this site up and running and figuring out how it all works – hence, I’m just finding comments that people left and how to respond. Luv ya!

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