While I have a lot of experience actually creating my art, it wasn’t until 2013 that I finally got up the nerve to put myself out there for public scrutiny. On this page I am going to post some highlights of individual shows in which I’ve been involved.

Before any show could take place I had to design and build display panels to support my pieces, which took a couple of laborious weeks. Then I set up a fake “artist’s booth” in my garage/studio, so that I could see how it might all look once completed:

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La Jolla Festival of the Arts (2013):

Being satisfied that I had my display booth in good order I was ready for my first show ever! Quite a milestone for a shy guy that couldn’t even stand up in front of my classes in school and talk. Taken in the context of how other artists’ fared at the show, my experience was a success for the most part. I sold one of my best and most expensive pieces there along with some other pieces, but mainly I got some exposure and enjoyed the weekend.

Interestingly, I set my booth up one way the first day and sold NOTHING, as shown here:

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I went home the first night, discouraged, and thought about how the day went and how the people were reacting to my art and the show in general. So I adjusted my pricing and went back for the last day of the show. I quickly reordered my display and wouldn’t you know it – two of the pieces that I put out front SOLD that day!?! For reasons that became apparent only through the experience, I realized that people seemed to be overwhelmed by the amount of art on display and if you were lucky they MIGHT actually step into your booth… in other words, you had to shove your art down their proverbial throats!

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Talmadge Arts and Crafts Show – 2013:

This show I was really looking forward to. I’d attended it previously and thought it had a good vibe and it was an indoor venue, so I thought my art would show well there. The problem was there too many clothing and jewelry vendors allowed, so it took on the feel of being in a department store rather than a gallery setting. I only sold one small piece, but the experience was fun…

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So now I’m waiting to document my next art show/display experience!!!

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