Clay Sculpted Figures

I was shopping in a local art-supply store one day when I stumbled upon a section of clay and sculptor’s tools. Taking a bunch of different colored polymer clay home with me, I soon found that I had a knack for sculpture and modeling. Not only that, but it was a ton of fun and a great escape from the horrendous San Diego winters!
None of the clay sculpted pieces (either singular figurines or used in scenes) are painted. All colors are actual clay colors, either the original clay color, but usually a combination of different clays combined to achieve whatever effect I am going for.

Simple “cartoon-ish” creatures soon evolved into more elaborate fantasy scenes and I’m still developing that concept at this time (See “Dream Voyeurs” – the first large scale scene I created).

Now that the creative floodgates are open I’m producing some fun and interesting pieces!

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