Graphics Class Exercises

Included here are some of the basic exercises I did in the Electronic Prepress class. The main objective for these projects was to learn basic text manipulation, such as leading, kerning, baseline shift and working with tab settings, as well as some graphics insertion and manipulation. Also, understanding document layout and use of the X-Y coordinate system, particularly in InDesign.

In Photoshop learning the fundamentals of editing and seamlessly blending multiple images was important. Understanding the various tools in the toolbox (Gradient, Pen, Clone stamp) as well as using layers, channels, paths and masks.

In Illustrator I became familiar with project layout techniques using art-boards and layers. Understanding paths, fills and stroke components as well as use of various tools (shape-builder, gradation, creating swatches, pen tool) were critical to the design process.

Many of the projects involved using all three design programs, so mastering how to link various components into one design was paramount to understanding how to do good design work.