Paintings & Drawings

I’ve always liked to work with watercolor and acrylic paint, but also love getting dirty with chalk-pastels. I have just a few examples of some pieces I’ve done. Unfortunately, many pieces were completed and given away without ever being photographed… shame on me!

In 2013 I started experimenting more with texture. It occurred to me that latex painters caulk might be an interesting medium to work with – and it was! What an interesting use for a common material – check out “Night Tree” as an example.

Bangkok Evening

Bangkok, Thailand in the evening Acrylic on canvas (18″ x 24″)

Bangkok Evening (alternate view)
It was hard to capture this painting in a photo. This is an alternate camera setting.
Bangkok Evening (detail view)

Bangkok, Thailand in the evening (Detail)

Bangkok Evening (detail view 2)

Bangkok, Thailand in the evening (Detail)

Saigon - Wired!

Acrylic (18″x24″) – Overlooking downtown Saigon, Vietnam from my hotel balcony.

Saigon - Wired! (detail)

Street scene at night (Detail)

Abstract in Pastel

Abstract in Pastel (22″x30″) – Based on a 1913 painting by Lyonel Feininger that I always liked, which I’ve posted next.

Lyonel Feininger -

Original painting by Lyonel Feininger


Desert meets Ocean

Stellar Views

Chalk-pastel – 24″x 36″ This drawing I did as a gift.


Pastel drawing done in the early 1980’s

Ravens more intense pic

Ravens at Sunset – Mixed media (24″x 36″)

The Human Element

Mixed media (acrylic paint, clay) 18″ x 24″

Main St. Station

Watercolor painting (25″x31″) of Main St. Station and the farmers market – Richmond, VA.

Former train station - Richmond, VA

Train Station (Detail)

Market (detail)

Farmers market (detail)

Farmers Market – (Detail)

Chinatown - San Francisco, CA

Watercolor (22″x27″) of Chinatown, San Francisco

Street-scape in San Francisco, CA

Watercolor (23″x30″) street scene, San Francisco

Grandmas House

A quick painting I did for my mother to commemorate the demise of her mother’s house that was destroyed by Hurricane Floyd several years before grandma’s death.

SOLD!! La Jolla Art Festival 2013

“The Night Tree” – 20″x16″ Mixed media on canvas


“Mountain View” – 18″x24″ Mixed media on canvas


“Desert Sunset w/ Tree” – 16″x40″ Mixed Media on canvas


“Abstract in Color” – 11″x14″ Mixed media on canvas

Desert Plateau

“Desert Plateau” – “18×24” Mixed media

Planetary Symphony

“Planetary Symphony” – “18×24” Mixed media

Purple Mountains Majesty

“Purple Mountains Majesty” – 11″x14″ Mixed media


“Serenade” – 11″x14″ Acrylic on canvas

Wilderness night scene

“Desert Oasis” – 11″x14″ Mixed media

Brilliant Sunset

“Brilliant Sunset” – 11″x14″ Acrylic on canvas

Cleveland Bridge in Winter

“Cleveland Bridge in Winter” – “18×24” Mixed media on canvas

Best landscape

Pond Landscape – June 2014 (15″x18″)

Joshua Tree

This large 2’x3′ acrylic on canvas was inspired by the view surrounding my campsite in Joshua Tree Park in the Spring of 2016. Everything was in bloom!

Forest Fire w_Ravens

18″x 24″ Acrylic and latex media on canvas

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